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Here at The Cobblestones, we may be an old pub but we want EVERYONE to still be able to join in the fun and have a safe and inclusive space within the community. 

All are welcome and our friendly staff will always do their best to help with your needs. 

Before you come into The Cobblestones, we have a permanent ramp leading into the entrance. Within the pub itself, we do have a few raised areas and steps however, we have a set of metal removable ramps to access any area if needed. If you require any assistance please do not hesitate to ask the staff for help, they'll know what to do. To get into the beer garden there is one extra step over the threshold. The Skittle Alley entrance where we have most of our events does have quite a high step and narrow doorway. There are also double doors which act as a fire escape and another entrance to the alley if needed.

Unfortunately we do not currently have specific disabled toilet facilities. Our toilets, have standard size cubicles and have handrails in each. Our sinks are standard height.




As standard we also have a hearing loop for anyone with an aid.

It may be helpful to note that of course we are a music venue and music is in our blood. Music plays all day in the venue and in the evening it can get loud. This may not be suitable for someone with sensory processing difficulties. If needed please feel free to bring along ear defenders or ear plugs. We do also offer ear plugs for free at any of our live events.

If we have been unable to answer any of your accessibility queries here on the website, please do not hesitate to give us a message through here or any of our socials!   

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